5 Days Of Healthy School Week Meals

Getting out the door in the morning (or to the computer) can be challenging. It’s easy for us to fall into the quick grab and go foods for ease, but the ingredients in our processed foods and excessive packaging harm us and our Mother Earth.
This week-long menu and grocery list can be a quick and easy guide for making your morning's stress-free with healthy breakfast and lunch options. We recommend packing in silicone bags or meal cubes, using these FoodHuggers for avocado halves, and stashing it all in these adorable Fluf lunch bags! Check out all of our plastic-free food storage solutions here!
Grocery List:
 One Package of Applegate Farm Turkey
Avocado Mayo
Two Cans of Wild Caught Salmon One Tub of Spinach
Cage-Free Eggs Organic Carrots
Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-Free Bread Organic Apples
Birch Bender Pancake Mix Celery
Cauliflower Crackers or Dried Seaweed Cucumber
Kerrygold Butter Bananas
Mix it up every week! Add your kid's favorites and get creative! Want more ideas on how to create healthy weekday lunches? Check out our other blog post here. 
Anna Krasin is a Nutritionist & Mom in Denver, CO