5 Ways to Be "Eco-Conscious" at Home

Eco-living gets a bad wrap and no, I'm not talking about that $25 beeswax set you bought that didn't work. There is a message that being sustainable comes at a huge price tag. While I think there are absolutely spaces that this is true, there are definitely ways all income levels can make a difference in their home. That's why we're sharing 5 ways everyone can be more eco-conscious at home on any budget.

Suggestion 1:

Ditch the dryer. Now, I know this is a seasonal suggestion for many, but our dryer uses between 1800 to 5000 watts of energy. Instead- grab a clothes line or drying rack and air dry your clothes. If you love keeping your whites their whitest, sunlight is an excellent natural bleach- so you're chemical free and energy conscious. Double win! Want to see how much energy you use with all your appliances? Check out this EPA Estimator

Suggestion 2:

Turn off your electronics at night. I'll admit, this is one I'm not good at, but turning off your electronics like laptops and cell phones will reduce your electricity consumption and extends the life of your battery. 

Suggestion 3:

Don't pre-wash your dishes. If you pre-wash your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. you're using thousands of gallons more water a load! And if you hand wash, turn off the water when you're not actively rinsing. 

Suggestion 4:

Take cold shower. Yikes! I know that may sound daunting, but you'll save energy, water AND there are health benefits. Studies estimate that a family of four can reduce their energy bill by over $200 by taking lukewarm showers over hot ones. You're also less likely to "hang out" in the shower reducing water consumption. Icing on the cake--- cold showers are proven to strengthen our cardiovascular and nervous systems. It's a great tool for strengthening your vagus nerve

Suggestion 5:

Take off your shoes at the front door. You'll cut down on the dust, dirt and chemicals you're tracking into the house. Sure, it's not going to save your energy, but it'll keep your air quality better creating a healthier environment! 

Trying to incorporate suggestions like these not only require no cash, but are likely to decrease your costs through out the year, all while helping you live more eco-conscious lifestyle. Don't forget, it's progress, not perfection, so just keep on trying.