Debunking 5 Straight Razor Myths

Did you know that there are over 170 million razor consumers in the United States each year? Imagine all of the razor cartridges that accumulate from that, some estimate that nearly 5 trillion cartridges are disposed of throughout the world in a single year. That’s a lot of waste! Most disposable razors come in bulky plastic packaging, and the blades are surrounded by plastic as well. 

Recently, there has been a wave eco-lovers recommending single-blade, safety razors (us included). These razors are plastic-free, and have a multitude of benefits. However, with any unfamiliar product, there can be some myths that might prohibit one from switching over. Today, we’re breaking down five misconceptions about safety razors. 

1: “I’m afraid I will cut myself more with a safety razor!”

False! Many brands have designed the razors with a built-in guard to help guide your shave. In fact, a bonus to using a straight razor is that you can even shave without using a lather! Or, if you’re in a rush for a quick shave, you can shave without using any water.

2: “There’s just as much waste with safety razors, what’s the point?!”

False! The bonus of using a safety razor is that the blades aren’t surrounded by plastic. Even brands that market their razors as being “green” still run into the trouble of having this unnecessary plastic (which can only be recycled 1-2 times in its lifecycle!). Since safety razor blades are all-metal, recycling them is super easy. Plus, the metals can be melted endlessly! For an easy collection, keep a mason jar or small sharps container in your bathroom to put the blades in when you are done. After you’ve collected a few, you can mail them to a recycling program or drop them off at either of our locations!

3: “I don’t think I will get a close-enough shave. My disposable razor gives me the best results!”

False! Multi-blade razors are known to actually push the hair around, which can lead to ingrown hairs. They can also be rough on your skin, as running multiple blades over the same spot can cause irritation. Single-blade razors can get you a close shave without ingrown hairs — it’s a win-win!

4: “Safety razors are so expensive!”

False! While prices will vary depending on the brand you choose to buy from, there are several great affordable safety razors on the market that do the trick. Replenishing your blades is much less expensive than you would think! For example, our Rockwell C1 Razor and 100-pack of blades should last you up to 1,500+ shaves for $32.98. 

5: “My electric razor is just as eco-friendly!”

True and false! We won’t argue that this is a great alternative, but electric razors require electricity or batteries — two items that use natural resources and are another source of waste. If you love your electric razor, consider purchasing some rechargeable batteries! 

Have any other questions about safety razors? Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re happy to help guide you to the products that best fit into your life!