Sustainable Stocking Stuffers for Your Whole List

The holidays are upon us and we're making our lists and checking them twice for the perfect gifts for our circle! 

We believe reducing and reusing can be a HUGE part of gift-giving and even if you're looking for something new, you can gift in a way that's impacting the environment by reducing commonly used single-use products. 

Our curated list of Stocking Stuffers and Small Gifts for all was one of our favorite lists to make! If you're looking for small goodies that can help reduce single-use, for your eco-lover, here are our top choices.

Reusable Swab

In 2016, Unilever reported that 25.5 BILLION Q-tips were produced annually. While many single-use alternative brands have been created that are made of paper, not plastic, they are still single use thus accumulating in our landfills. 

That's why we think everyone's stocking should include a reusable q tip! Unique but functional, it is sure to delight anyone. 

Reusable Makeup Rounds

Cotton rounds are one of the most popular single-use products used! While cotton is usually a biodegradable item, the production of one pound of cotton requires 1320 gallons of water. Not to mention the pesticide and chemical use commonly used for production are harmful to our health, as well as the health of our Earth. 

This year, gift your makeup lover a reusable set of Bamboo Rounds! This set of 10 reusable rounds can be washed in the provided bag to be used again and again for all their skincare needs! 

Safety Razor 

While this gift can be a personal gift for some, there is something to be said about giving the gift of never having to buy plastic again. Safety razors are a great gift for men or women and once they master the art of shaving with a safety razor, they will thank you! These fantastic razors save your loved one money and reduce plastic razors in our landfills. 

Our rose gold razor is luxurious yet practical gift, for any pink lover on your list, but these chrome ones fit in any stocking. Pair this with a safer aftershave, and you have a sentimental gift for any man on your list. 

Bamboo Toothbrush 

Are you part of a family that loves gifting practical items like socks and pans? You're our kind of people! This year, swap out the standard Colgate brush with a Moso bamboo toothbrush, we even have an option for the kiddos! 

Moso bamboo is a type of bamboo that grows readily, making it sustainable AND it is not recognized as a food source for pandas, so we're not stealing anyone's food source. 

Not to mention, the bristles on these brushes are bio-based, a great step in a better direction of the future of less standard plastics. It takes a little work, but these toothbrushes can be composted and recycled at end of life to reduce less trash waste and a plastic problem. Pair them with this toothpaste powder for a great, practical gift! 

Food Huggers

Everyone loves a good hug and these are the perfect hugs to give in times of COVID! In the first half of 2019, 5 million people reported using over 10 rolls of plastic wrap! Holy moly! Not to mention the amount of food waste we as a nation experience from spoiled produce. 

These food huggers will replace plastic wrap for covering produce AND will keep your cucumbers and avocados from spoiling quickly! They work even better than a glass container (although we love that option too). 

This has become a go-to gift this year, and the feedback is always "I would have never thought to buy this for myself but now I need more!" 

Plastic Free Dish Block

There is a reason this is our best seller! Regular dish soap bottles are a common household plastic item that add up over time. While we can't find an exact number, we believe households probably use between 5 to 15 bottles of dish soap a year based on our client sales.

Start a revolution in everyone's home by gifting them a dish block! They will soon join the cult-like following this amazing product has, plus you could include a cheeky card about not having to do dishes from big holiday parties this year! 

Zero Waste Shower Set

Perfect for your business traveler, van adventurer, and camping aficionado, these tins of individual shampoo, conditioner, and body wash tablets are hands down one of our favorite stocking stuffers for 2020. 

These are a great way to reduce small single-use plastic bottles, a big part of our plastic problem. Forget figuring out how many ounces your travel containers might be because these are carry-on approved and easy to throw in any backpack.

Simply put, these tins make plastic-free living easy, even for those who are always on the go. We're certain that your traveler will love this gift! 

Eco-gifting is the best kind because these reusable items are truly something everyone will use in their day to day life, for many years to come, and help them limit waste in their day to day life.