Sustainable Lifestyle - Emma Rumley's Tips and Tricks

Meet Emma, one of our incredible employees who ditched the 9 - 5 life to exploring being more intentional in her living. Emma's journey is like most of ours, slow, steady and on-going. That's exactly why we asked her to share her tips, tricks and the "real-real".

The journey to living a more sustainable life often results in comments from friends and family such as “I could never be zero-waste” or “that’s just taking it too far”. Through my recent conversations with loved ones, I have welcomed these comments as an opportunity to share my tips and tricks but to also educate on what a more “sustainable” life even means. After all, do we even know what it really means and what it entails?

What is sustainability?

Sustainability in environmental terms is defined as “avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance”. Daunting? Sure, but let's break it down to what it can mean in our day to day lives as intentional people living on this planet. 

Where to start?

As I began my journey, I felt overwhelmed by what I started to notice in my daily life and how it could be affecting my health and the health of the planet. For me, I started picking up my skincare products wondering what the ingredients really were, I started looking at the take out containers accumulating in my trash and recycling wondering where they will end up, and I started thinking about whether my tomatoes really needed to be in a plastic container or not. So where do you begin when there’s arguably so many ways you can be more sustainable? My journey started room to room and here are a couple quick ways to swap single use products or conserve more resources in your household.  

  1. Laundry Room
  • Switch to wool dryer balls rather than dryer sheets! This not only cuts back on single use products but it is a healthier alternative that kicks unwanted allergens and toxins to the curb. 
  • Start exploring powder laundry detergents. They use less water and energy in the manufacturing process and last months!
  • Skip the dryer if you can! This conserves energy and also saves you money in the long run.


  1. Bathroom (this was a HUGE one for me)
  • Grab a set of reusable cotton rounds to ditch cotton balls from your skincare routine. 
  • Pick out a reusable cotton swab! These look the same as your typical ones and can be cleaned under a little bit of water in your sink. 
  • Consider trying out a safety razor. They not only give you a better shave and cut back on ingrown hairs, they get rid of all those plastic cartridges and waste we produce from typical razors. 
  • Okay, natural deodorant from a refill bar is one of my favorites. This is not only crucial to your health and well being but eliminates those plastic containers that inevitably, probably won’t be recycled. It’s often that people stray away from natural deodorants because they believe they don’t work as well and that’s where I come to disagree! There are amazing brands that create great working products and you just have to find the right one for you. 
  1. Kitchen (my current work in progress)
  • Find some cute Swedish dishcloths and say goodbye to paper towels. Not only do they have cute designs and aesthetics, they are super absorbent and can be thrown in your dishwasher to be cleaned! 
  • Snag a dish block and compostable brushes for your dishes, pots, pans, and veggies! Goodbye to electric blue colored dish soap and plastic bristles that get worn down after that one dinner party you decided to host. 
  • Coffee addicts alike, it’s time to get a reusable coffee filter! Whether you grab a cloth one that can be washed or a stainless steel one that can be rinsed, they are easy to use and will save you money plus trips to the store. 

Where do we go from here?

I have to say, once you start, it becomes really hard to stop. I have noticed so many items in my life that create unnecessary waste and can be easily swapped with a little research. It is important to remember that every bodies journey to a more sustainable life isn’t the same and you don’t have to expect yourself to be completely zero waste. To me, sustainability is about being more intentional with how I am treating my body, my peers, and my planet. I strive to think twice about what I am using and how it is affecting not only me but every other living thing around me. Whether that is making a swap in my household or learning more about recycling and composting, they make a difference. It makes a difference to be more intentional and to be a conscious merchant, so let us work on our journeys together and share knowledge and education with our loved one’s!