Sustainable Gift Guide For Your Eco-Beauty Lover

The holidays are upon us and we're making our lists and checking them twice for the perfect gifts for those on our lists. That's why we're here at The Conscious Merchant making it easy to get safer + more sustainable gifts in the hands of loved ones.  

We believe reducing and reusing can be a HUGE part of gift-giving and even if you're looking for something new, you can gift in a way that's impacting the environment by reducing commonly used single use products. 

Our beauty regimens are typically one of the areas where a lot of single-use items and harmful chemicals are frequently used. We've been 'marketed' for years on the convenience of cotton balls, Q-tips, travel size products, but the obvious downside of these is their disposable nature. This season, we've created a list of all the beauty lovers in your life! If you're looking for unique gifts that also help reduce single-use items, making them great for the sustainability lover in your life as well, here are our top choices.

Reusable Beauty Swab 

In 2016, Unilever reported that 25.5 BILLION Q-tips were produced annually. While many single-use alternative brands have been created that are made of paper, not plastic, they are still single-use thus accumulating in our landfills. 

For your makeup lover, we love our reusable swabs! Unique but functional, it is sure to delight the makeup lover on your list, while helping them reduce their single-use Q-tips! 

Reusable Makeup Rounds

Cotton rounds are one of the most popular single-use products used! While cotton is usually a biodegradable item, the production of one pound of cotton requires 1320 gallons of water. Not to mention the pesticide and chemical use commonly used for production are harmful to our health, as well as the health of our Earth. 

This year, gift your makeup lover a reusable set of Bamboo Rounds! This set of 10 reusable rounds can be washed in the provided bag to be used again and again for all their skincare needs. 

Mini Spa Set

Who doesn't love an at-home spa day? We curated a plastic-free, non-toxic spa set for your self-care obsessed loved one, which includes Himalayan lavender salts, two zero waste face masks, and a plastic-free exfoliating brush. 

Our team has become obsessed with powdered face masks over the past year because they are free of preservatives, and these perfectly concocted powders detox and brighten every beauties' complexion, without the waste of plastic packaging! 

The set also includes our best selling Spinster Sisters Himalayan Bath Salts and a compostable exfoliating brush to replace a plastic one in their beauty regimen! All packaged in glass, these bottles can be refilled or recycled! Not to mention the set comes pre-wrapped to make eco-gifting even easier for you. 

Safety Razor

The gift everyone will love but won't buy for themselves is definitely the safety razor. According to Statista, 158.10 million Americans used disposable razor blades/shavers in 2020 and the figure is projected to increase to 160.16 million in 2024. While this is a decrease from years past, that stat blows our mind, as many disposables are not recyclable and may end up in landfills. 

That's why we think a razor is one of the most impactful gifts we can give this season! Not only are reusable razors pretty, but they also provide a great shave. Our collection is curated for safety razor newbies, with guards and blades that give a close shave without the fear of the horror movie scenes. 

Our Rose Gold Razor will leave your loved one in awe of the beauty and our Chrome Razor is perfect for that practical person in your life. Pair this with a safer aftershave, and you have a sentimental gift for any man on your list. 

Sidebar: We've partnered with Gillette to recycle razors in our stores, so your gift-giving and recycle all those old razors! 

Organic Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is the secret weapon to shower free mornings and clean looking mess buns, and has become a staple in many bathrooms over the years. Did you know that most dry shampoos come in a can and can contain aerosols? These chemicals can be harmful to your loved one's respiratory health and damaging to our ozone. Aerosols can be a thing of the past without compromising the performance of dry shampoo! 

We LOVE our Lenora powder dry shampoos because they get the job done, without harmful chemicals or aerosols. This dry shampoo comes in both a dark and light shade, and we can even get red if you shoot us an email or DM us. 

We sell this amazing product in bulk so if you are in the Denver area you can come into our stores to refill it, but if your loved one is far away, we send it in a recyclable paper container! Great for the earth and great for your hair, this gift will be loved for many lazy mornings to come. 

Eco-gifting is the best kind of gifting because these reusable items are truly something your beauty obsessed friend will use in their day to day life, and help them limit waste for many years to come.