Eco-Friendly Fun For Our Stay At Home Summer

As our lives have been completely changed in the past months due to the COVID-19, our creative tanks may be running close to empty. With summer, and it's heat gearing up, finding new ways to stay engaged while being sustainable and less toxic may seem daunting. We are here to help re-inspire you and your family with some good, clean, fun!

Clean Art Supplies

Getting crafty never gets old! Sometimes it just needs to be put away for a bit or have some excitement added with new items to play with. Updating the craft box for the summer is a great time to invest in some “green and clean” crafting supplies.

Onyx+Green plant-based liquid glue is a good place to start when looking for ways to stick objects to construction paper. 

Beeswax crayons are a good alternative to the more conventional brands. Already have a ton of broken crayons? Don't buy more, melt them down and create fun shapes with this tool! 

Nature Saver is a brand that sells 100% recycled construction paper. It can also be found at Office Depot or Amazon. 

For markers, check out Ballograf Rosinco’s Friendly line of pens. 

Eco-Kids sells paint that is wonderfully non-toxic and all-natural (for real, they use rice flour and purple sweet potatoes in their ingredients!).

A fun craft idea is to reuse all those magazines and advertisements you've been getting in the mail! Kids can create a vision board, practice cutting, or just make some fun Picasso style cut-out art all while re-purposing the mail!

Scavenger Hunt

Organizing a scavenger hunt is an easy no-cost, no supplies way to keep the kiddos engaged! First, create a quick list of items to be searched for, then send them to hunt! Once the items have been collected, you will have the perfect starter kit for some naturally beautiful crafts. Examples of outside objects can be leaves, fallen flowers, pine cones, bark, and random sticks.    

Try even engaging your whole neighborhood by having households put a certain item or craft in the window or yards for kids to look for during distancing walks.

Potato Painting

Feel like painting with a potato? This craft is super easy, cost-effective and makes a beautiful piece of kid art! Try this craft or countless other variations of your own creation!  

Regrow Your Own Food

Did you know you can use many food scraps to regrow your food? It's a fun science experiment for the whole family! We regrow our lettuce and green onions all the time. You can check out several of our veggies of choice here

Raid Your Cabinets to Create New Games

We sat down occupational therapist Dr. Leah Foreman and found SO many ways to reuse items in our home to create new activities and games for toddlers and even elementary schoolers. Check out what we learned here!

Outdoor Activities
As our trails and outdoor spaces are beginning to reopen, one of the best ways to live cleanly is to get outside! The free COTREX app from Colorado Parks and Wildlife updates trail information in a timely manner. There are many, many amazing places to hike all in the Front Range of Colorado. If you’re not in Colorado, look for trails or green spaces to explore around you, but first check with your local government on any restrictions or closures. 

For cleaner hikes, think of investing in a few things:

  • A stainless steel water bottle as this will reduce your exposure to plastics and is kinder to our environment.  
  • An awesome new backpack never hurts either. If you already have a backpack you love, great! There is no need to add more textiles to our landfills, but if you’re on the lookout for a new backpack, there are quite a few companies that are committed to being eco-conscious. Need a place to start? Check out COTOPAXI, GOT BAG or United by Blue.
  • Planning on camping? Don’t forget to pack out what you pack in. A great trash bag solution that’s sustainable and actually works is Hippo Sak.
  • As the weather is getting warmer, don’t forget about the sun, so cover up with a hat and wear your sunscreen! Consult the Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Sunscreen before your next sunscreen purchase. We carry these easy to pack in sunsticks with the highest ratings! 
  • And, also don’t forget that stainless steel water bottle to keep hydrated!

We hope these tips keep you and your kiddos occupied during this unique summer, without breaking the bank or creating waste!