Incorporating Your Sustainability Initiatives Into Corporate Gifting


'Tis the season where corporations both large and small show their gratitude to employees and clients through gift giving. As corporations continue to create sustainability initiatives in business practices such as energy consumption, carbon offsetting, and waste creation, another way to embrace sustainability is through corporate culture and gifting. A company leading by example is a great way to create success and buy-in by its employees—there are lots of ways to do just that!

#1 Support Local through Gift Purchases

According to a survey conducted by Intuit, 57 percent of Americans say their main reason for shopping small is to keep the money flowing within the local area. When $100 is spent in a local business, more than half stays in the local community.* Small businesses also have been found to be more sustainable in their packaging and reuse of materials, which also likely align with your company’s sustainability goals. 

Local businesses also can be creative and customize gifts you may not find at larger businesses or shops. One-offs are much easier to accommodate most of the time. Here at The Conscious Merchant, we have worked directly with companies to meet budgets, employee experiences, and gifting initiatives. Here are a few popular eco-friendly bundle options companies love from 2020! 

If you’re looking for a more personalized approach to your business, we recommend reaching out directly so that we can customize exactly what you need. Here are a few of our previous curations for inspiration:

Corporate Gift


Food Saver Collection: created for a company of 75 employees on a $40/person budget.

“It was the perfect collection for our cooking themed gift to all our employees. TCM listened to what we wanted and what our price point was and gave us several options to pick from.”

Employee Self Care Gift

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Employee Appreciation, Self Care Package: created for an international yoga brand’s local employee appreciation gift. $100.

“It’s easy to reach out to The Conscious Merchant to curate gifts that compliment a specific employee's style.”

Client Appreciation

Client Appreciation Kitchen Collection: a curated kitchen gift for clients for a local branding company. $70/client.

“The Conscious Merchant makes it easy to create non-toxic and sustainable gifts for any client.”

You can find additional inspiration and quick packages on our Corporate Gifting Page

#2 Electronic Gifting

With many companies still in a remote work setup, an e-gift will surely put a smile on an employee's face. We recommend gifting eBooks and services so that you don't end up with high shipping costs and increased carbon footprint when employees go to redeem their gifts. 

#3 Give Back to the Community

Gifting through philanthropic donations weren’t as common and widely accepted as they are today. Giving employees a few options on where to make the donation is always thoughtful, but a big campaign can be very impactful too. Looking at local causes or initiatives that align with your company values will also resonate well, as Cone Communications found that 63% of Americans want corporations to drive social and environmental change in the absence of government action.

With a number of different options, going green with gifting can be done easily and on any budget. The Conscious Merchant welcomes any opportunity to help your company determine how best to take your sustainability initiatives into gift giving. 

Regardless of how gifts are exchanged during the holidays, it’s good to keep sustainability and zero-waste front and center. So gift your team members with useful, eco-friendly, and personalized items. Contact us today to customize the sustainable gift options for your team and customers.

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