Meet Our Community: Brit Harmon

Meet Brit! As part of our series about our community members, we sat down with Brit to learn more about her and her journey to a safer and more sustainable life!

TCM: Hi Brit! Thanks so much for meeting with us. Could you tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

Brit: I am a physical therapist who helps women prepare their body for pregnancy and beyond. I am also a momma-to-be and recognize the importance of taking care of the world I am going to bring my baby into.

TCM: So what inspired you to start a safer and more sustainable journey?

Brit: I knew if I was going to bring a little one into this world that I needed to take better care of it. It is their future and we have an obligation to take responsibility for making it the best it can be.

TCM: So true. How has TCM helped you start your journey?

Brit: They have helped me transition my home to more sustainable and reusable products, as well as decrease the toxicity level of the products in my home -- from my body care, to our cleaning products. It has been an easy, enjoyable and comfortable transition.

TCM: That’s so great to hear! What has been the easiest switch you’ve made?

Brit: The easiest switch was probably my bathing products. I love the refillable body wash and package free shampoo and conditioner. My skin and hair look healthier than ever. And, I’m no longer using plastic, plastic, plastic -- which feels amazing too!

TCM: Such a great feeling! What advice do you have for those wanting to be a changemaker?

Brit: Take one space in your home at a time and don’t feel overwhelmed by it. Good things take time. Start with the kitchen or the bathroom and switch products out one by one. You will feel amazing every time you do. And then, tell your friends and family about all the lovely new products you’re using and the great experiences you’ve had with them. Be the change you want to see!