Meet Our Community: Jacki Carr

Get to know Jacki, one of our community members! We sat down with Jacki to learn more about her journey to living a safer and more sustainable life.

TCM: Hi Jacki! To get started, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Jacki: Sure! I am a goal coach, speaker, writer, hiker and mama. I work with womxn leaders to uplevel their voice, vision and goals. I believe we all have unique gifts to offer and if you don’t offer them, we miss out because no one will do it the way you say, the way you sound, the way you do.

TCM: Wow, that is so encouraging! What inspired you to start a safer and more sustainable journey?

Jacki: I lived in Los Angeles and started to learn more about Mama Earth through volunteering with beach clean-ups. The irresponsibility of humans, including myself, was terrifying as we filled eco-trash bags up to the brim with waste. This was the start of my learning and unlearning.

TCM: Sometimes the unlearning can be the tricky part, but seeing all the waste in the world is definitely a huge motivator. How has The Conscious Merchant helped you in your journey?

Jacki: By taking my hand and being in collaboration and conscious education versus yelling at me, shaming me or calling me out. I respond and learn faster when being called in.

TCM: That is our goal! We are all about meeting people where they are at, and helping them get to the place they wish to be. Progress, not perfection! What’s been the easiest switch you’ve made?

Jacki: Choosing refill bottles for all my bath products -- using bottles we already have and choosing to refill versus buying new again, and again, and again.

TCM: Yes!! Imagine all of the plastic you are saving. What is a recommendation you have for being a changemaker?

Jacki: Choose ONE area to start that interests you most, this is where your commitment will take you all the way through. You start with too many areas to change, and you will be overwhelmed with “to-do’s” and emotions. And keep asking for help! People like Kara live their life on purpose when we ask for their help, their knowledge, and support their beautiful small and conscious business.