National Recycling Day - Reduce, Reuse, Refill, Recycle

November 15th marks National Recycling DayA day that encourages Americans to take part in recycling initiatives like buying recycled products and recycling more. At The Conscious Merchant, we believe recycling is a great start to a healthier world, in fact, it's a practice that's been around thousands of years. Unfortunately, our consumption of plastics has increased so much over the past several decades, our recycling system cannot keep up. At The Conscious Merchant, we celebrate National Recycling Day as a call to recycle in conjunction with reducing and reusing products. 


What We Do As A Business

At The Conscious Merchant, we've created a place to refill your very own clean containers, with soaps, shampoos, lotions, and more to repurpose the plastics that we've already accumulated in our homes and offices. Reusing plastics instead of adding additional products into the lifecycle is a great way to take a step further from plastic waste. 

Unfortunately, the retail world is filled with plastic and we continue to explore more ways to reduce the plastic and packaging waste we face on a daily basis as a business. We work directly with several of our vendor partners to reuse bins, storage bags with return and refill programs. Our laundry partners, Meliora and Humble Suds both collaborate to reuse our barrels. Our vendors, Lenora Organics and Spirit of the Herb reuse storage packaging to reduce waste. 


Plastic packaging isn't always avoidable and we will continue to advocate for our vendors to reduce the use; however, in the meantime, we have partnered with TerraCycle and Eco-Cycle to make sure our plastic and other packaging is being recycled efficiently, through repurposing programs and corporate responsibility initiatives. 


What Can I Do?

First up, take inventory on where you might have ways to reduce plastic purchases altogether. Try a shampoo bar or bulk bar soaps for your shower or give a 'zip-lock' free kitchen a try. We love our beeswax wraps for this! 

See where you can reuse, then stop in a store and check out our refillable station. From dish soap to body lotion, we can work together to reduce the single-use. 

Learn what is recyclable. Did you know many recycling systems can't take single-use coffee cups like the ones at Starbucks? Not all municipalities recycle the same things, research what your local rules and regulations are before you bring your can to the curb! When vacationing, take a second to ask a local or look for signs to tell you what's available. 

We are so honored to work with Eco-Cycle. A non-profit with outstanding education and continued research and policy work. Check out their Annual Report to learn more about the work and learn about CHARM their hard to recycle center. 

Let's celebrate today by taking steps to make a healthier tomorrow and encouraging all those around use to reduce, reuse, refill and recycle!