Reduce + Reuse + Recycle This Holiday Season

This holiday season we're embracing simplicity by looking at ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Here are 4 ideas to get the creative juices flowing on ways to have a more sustainable holiday season. 

E-Holiday Cards

Many folks may have already created their holiday cards by now, but if you're behind the ball like us, consider going electronic! 

Hallmark estimates that 1.3 BILLION cards are sent out annually. Many cannot be recycled due to glitter, shimmer and glues. Creating an electronic card is easy with sites and programs, here are a few we recommend: the most eco-conscious of the companies. E-cards has free options as well as membership opportunities. They also give back to non-profits to aid in sustainability and environmental activism. 

GreenEnvelope - a well developed and pretty site that makes customizing cards easy. Easily import your loved one list and you're set in less than 15 minutes. Green Envelope does come at cost, so be prepared to spend for the easy and beauty of this option. 

CANVA - a creatives dream, you can set up a free Canva Account to make your own cards or even just a social media post for your holiday well wishes. It can take more creativity and work than the other options, but the results are beautiful and personalized! 

If you're still a fan of the tradition, consider greener card brands like Paper Culture and Green Field Paper Co

When the holidays are done, repurpose the cards you've received! St Jude runs a programs collecting the front of holiday cards for repurposing. There are several brands that can't be used, so check their website for more information and where to mail them!

Thoughtful Gifting

We know that gift giving can be a fun and heartfelt action. The 5 Love Languages includes gifting receiving as some people's love language! This year, consider gifts that can help our loved ones reduce single use consumption and create less waste.

We've curated a number of Holiday Gift Guides to help you navigate thoughtful yet practical and eco-friendly gifts! Head to our main blog page to see them all. 

Gift an experience instead of a "thing." From concert tickets, to wine tasting, or an art class, there are so many options here, for whatever your loved one likes. 

Regifting is actually a thing too. says about 22% of people surveyed admit they will re-gift at least one item from 2019 in 2020. That may sounds incredibly tacky, but gifting items that are thoughtfully curated for someone is not necessarily a tacky act. When it comes down to it, if you don't want it and know someone who does, why let it collect dust to eventually be thrown away! 

Reusable Wrapping

Did you know that if every household wrapped 3 less gifts in wrapping paper would save OVER 45,000 footballs fields worth of paper?

There are many ways to ditch our single use wrapping paper ways.

Reuse gift bags - turn a blind eye to a "Happy Birthday" bag or create a holiday collection for your friends and family to "keep in the family" annually. A fun little activity is to write a sweet saying or holiday memory inside the bag so that next year you have something fun to read when holiday prepping. 

Furoshiki wrapping - This is the ancient Japanese tradition of cloth wrapping. Not only can cloth wrapping be a great way to reduce and reuse, it's beautiful! I love how easy it is to pack up each year too. There are so many ways to make it fun. Repurpose old t-shirts that are no longer getting any use, take the scissors to last year flannel sheets with an irreparable hold in the middle, or head to your local thrift store to find some unique fabrics to repurpose! you get our drift! There are many companies make many beautiful options. We carry a few that make excellent tea towels once the gift giving is done!  

Recycle Your Tree

When the celebrations are over and the ornaments and lights are packed away, take advantage of recycling mulching programs for your tree. We found to have a great list of locations for every state!

There are lots of creative ways to recycle your trees even outside of having it picked up or dropped off at recycling locations. is a great site to check out creative ways and resources. 

Never forget that small steps can create a new lasting path. We hope you can create a new tradition (or two) for a healthier world and a greener holiday season!