Safer Jewelry Cleaning with Dante Perozzi

 Meet Dante

Meet Dante Perozzi, the owner of Dante Perozzi Jewelry, who was recently featured in Conde Nast Magazine for her personally fabricated and casted pieces of brass, silver and gold. As everyone knows, silver and gold are wonderful precious metals and there are already so many songs that sing their praises. It is Dante's hope that by educating more people about the ease of caring for and maintaining a polished look for brass jewelry that maybe this beautiful metal can get a lot more love!

 Dante Perozzi

Did you know?

Many cleaning products for both silver and brass contain harmful chemicals that The Conscious Merchant and Dante both choose not to use. Brass-o- is a very popular brand for brass. It works really well to clean brass and you can certainly use it to keep your pieces clean- but for cleaning objects that will be touching our bodies we choose not to use. 

There are also lots of great polishing cloths that work on brass but, when a piece has a lot of texture it can be hard to get the cloth into all the recesses. So it’s nice to be able to give your pieces a little bath and get into every detail you want shined up. 

So, How Do You Clean Safer?

Dante gave us two simple recipes that are not only safer but use common household product. That way you aren't buying additional things for your cabinets (heeeeey less waste!) 

The first one is surprising to many but when you think about the acidity of ketchup it makes sense. 

Non-toxic Cleaning of Silver and Brass with Ketchup



Non-toxic Cleaning of Brass and Silver
And there you have it friends! Earth friendly, body friendly and beautifully shining brass pieces that you can hand down to future generations. Plus a bonus- you can also use these recipes for your vintage brass knick knacks.


*It is important that you don’t just let the pieces sit there for extended periods of time because the vinegar can cause excesses of copper to rise up on the surface of your brass. While this is not the end of the world (because you can just polish it off with a cloth) the point is to make the surfaces more beautiful not to create more work for ourselves.

 Check out Dante's amazing jewelry here. 

My personal favorites are this recycled brass piece and the brass stunner pictured below!


Kara Armstrong Wearing Dante Perozzi 
Kara Armstrong, MPH
Founder of The Conscious Merchant