Saving Sustainably: 4 Lifestyle Swaps to Save!

We have all heard the saying “a penny saved is a penny earned,” and while little expenses often go unnoticed, they definitely add up. When looking at your finances you may not consider dryer sheets and soap dispensers, but when you total up how much you spend in a year, you will be surprised. 

These four easy lifestyle swaps make it easy, to save money by reducing the need for single-use products! 

Bathroom Bottles to Refillable Dispensers

The typical American family has two bathrooms, each with a liquid hand soap dispenser, a few shampoo bottles and body wash containers, and a kitchen with hand soap, and a dish soap dispenser. All this plastic really adds up, not to mention the cost of new bottles every couple of weeks. Whether it is for your kitchen, or your bathroom soap dispensers, switching to a reusable one is an easy and eco-friendly way to reduce your plastic waste. 

Over a million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, and the number will jump another 20% by 2021. One way you can fight against plastic pollution is using reusable dispensers for soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and just about anything else you get in a plastic bottle! It will also save you money, all you need is a few mason jar, soap pumps, and bulk refills to get your journey started. To make it even more simple, ecofriendly and cost-effective you can just reuse old bottles of products you already have.

Your refill journey can play out a couple of ways.

1- Take your jars or bottles to a local refill shop (like us!) weigh in your containers, fill them up, tally up what refills, and check out. It's that easy, once you find a place to shop. Here is a resource to find them, nationwide! 

2- Buying in bulk, this will take big investments and some storage space, but will lengthen the time between needing to buy more. Grab 1/2 gallon or gallon size containers of the products you need and refill and store as you go. 

We recommend you add a label to your product, either on the side or bottom with the date you filled it, that way over time you can see how often you go through a product and plan your shopping expenses in the future! In the long run, you'll find you save money through refilling over buying bottles. 

Disposable to Reusable Water Bottles

It takes six times the water that a water bottle holds to produce a disposable water bottle, plus 17 million barrels of oil are used to supply the demand for water bottles worldwide! It is estimated that around 80% of the plastic water bottles purchased by Americans end up in landfills. That's about 60 million bottles that are tossed out every day, which takes 450 years to biodegrade after their short lives. 

The average American family buys 167 disposable plastic water bottles a year, costing around $300 a year! Stopping buying disposable water bottles will easily save you $1,000 in five years.

There are so many reusable water bottles out there. We love stainless steel water bottles as they are BPA free. The chemical has been used to harden plastic for more than 40 years! Still, want a plastic option? There are tons of BPA free plastic water bottles out there, just check the labels before buying. 

Dryer Sheets to Dryer Balls 

We all love good smelling laundry, but dryer sheets hold a huge consequence. Generally made from polyester, and covered in fragrance chemicals that are often linked to serious health problems. Dryer sheets also lower the performance of your clothes by adding a thin waxy coating! Most of all, dryer sheets are single-use meaning there is waste created with every load you do.

Wool dryer balls are an eco-friendly alternative that have the same effects as dryer sheets. For less than $20 a set, these will last over 1000 cycles saving you more than $15 over the course of their life while exposing you to fewer toxins. If you will miss the scent of a dryer sheet you can drop some essential oils on them to them! They even reduce your dry time, so you will use less energy too and are a staple for washing towels, which have helped replace paper towels in our house! 

Single-Use Grocery Bags to Reuseable Totes

How many of us have a plastic bag of plastic bags in our house? Throughout the US there are 100 billion plastic bags used per year! The average use time for grocery bags is 15 minutes, but they last in our landfills for at least 400 years.  With more and more cities banning plastic bags or better, charging for them, it just makes sense to use reusable ones when shopping.

Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and more stores give discounts if you use reusable bags, which can really add up! They are sturdier and larger than plastic ones and eliminate the mess and clutter of plastic bags filling up cabinets. There are options everywhere, and you probably already have some around your house! 

If you do grab one on occasion, don't like the guilt get you, reuse it in a trash bin, or for puppy poop pick up, again, saving you more money! 

There are so many ways we can become more eco-friendly consumers, start with these four swaps and you will be surprised with just how easy it is to save money and the earth at the same time!