Simplifying Cleaning Products: Our Love for Castile + Dish Blocks

We are inundated daily with marketing that we need different products for everything. It's no surprise that if most of us were to look under our kitchen sink we'd find a handful or more of plastic bottles. In the journey to a more eco-conscious home, under the sink is an easy place to simplify. 

We've found products that we love that can simplify your cleaning routine, reduce the number of single use products, and incorporate safer ingredients into your routine. Two of our favorites are castile soap and the Dish Block. 

Castile Soap

The exact history of castile soap isn't entirely clear, but it dates back centuries to Eastern Mediterranean regions where Aleppo soap makers made soap of laurel oil and lye. As these effective soaps made their way across Europe, laurel oil became hard to source, and European soap makers turned to various other formulations. Castile soap became prominent as an effective cleanser replacing laurel oil with olive oil. 

While not all castile soaps are created equal, we recommend looking for castile soaps with the least number of ingredients, like Mama Suds, and ones scented exclusively with essential oils or botanicals. I personally prefer sourcing castile that is unscented and then use my own essential oils to create scented products. 

The versatility of castile is why we love it for simplifying your cleaning routine. Castile is most popularly used to create foaming hand soaps, body washes, all purpose cleaners, laundry soap, and veggie wash. Check out the simple way to create a hand soap. 


Dish Block

Effective products are key to creating a long term change. That's why when we started using the No Tox Dish Block, we instantly knew it was a product we'd recommend to our customers and friends regularly. 

As a plastic free alternative to liquid dish soap, the No Tox block is primarily marketed to replace Dawn or other manual dish cleaners, but it can do so much more!

One $9 block can be used to clean your dishes, create an all purpose cleaner, and be used as an effective clothing stain remover. 

To use as a stain remover, simply take a small sliver off the side and rub it directly on the stain that you're trying to remove. 

At the end of your dish block's life, take the last little pieces, place in a 16 ounce bottle with 1/4 cup of vinegar, 5-10 drops of tea tree oil and fill the rest with water to create an all purpose cleaner. 

Not only are these products great for multi-use, they are cost effective and can significantly reduce your single use habit over time. At The Conscious Merchant we refill multiple types of castile soap to allow our customers the opportunity to reduce containers and keep plastics out of the landfill. You can come in-store or schedule a refill to your door for your castile needs and more!