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Conscious Considerations

  • Saving Sustainably: 4 Money Saving Kitchen Swaps 

    We have all heard the saying “a penny saved is a penny earned,” and while little expenses often go unnoticed, they definitely add up. When looking at your finances you may not consider plastic baggies and paper towels but when you total up how much you spend in a year, you may be surprised. 

    Here is a quick roundup of just how much money you can be saving with a few product swaps. The best part? You’re helping save the earth too by using more zero and low waste products.

  • Celebrate A Safe and Sustainable Valentine's Day!

    Despite all these facts, Valentine’s Day is still one of my favorite holidays. Yes, consumerism is there, but so is showing affection and appreciation to those I love. We love giving experiences to our loved ones instead of physical gifts, but sometimes flowers and perfume are just the right way to say I love you. So, whether you're sending Valentines to your kids’ classmates or trying to find a gift for your eco-minded husband or girlfriend, we have tips and swaps to help make sure Mother Nature feels the love as well.