Eco Friendly Gifts for Kids

At TCM whole health is essential to us and we couldn't ignore the need for a guide on sensory and developmental toys from eco-conscious brands. That's why we sat down with our partner brand, Nurtured Pediatrics, to curate and support our conscious parents. 

We selected brands that we love like HABA, ECO-Kids and Clover and Birch because they are brands helping reduce plastic while creating safer products with non-toxic dyes and safer finishes. Then we sat down with the developmental experts at Nurtured Pediatrics to share why each are an excellent choice to support your child's development - a win-win for the earth and your family!

Gifts for Age 6- 18 months

Stack and Learn Blocks - Sensory, Cognition, Fine Motor, 6+ months - Help develop grasp that will generalize to self-feeding, handwriting, and skills like dressing. These blocks have sensory items inside of them increasing opportunities for cognitive learning through sensory input.

Sound Discovery Blocks -  Discovery through sound and sensory input. Children at 6+ months learn through a sensory environment, I twist this block, it makes this sound. Cause and effect toys teach independence and self-agency. 

Eco-dough - Constructive play that supports fine motor development through age-appropriate grasp with a sensory element as well. Sensory play stimulates neural pathways needed for flexibility in moments like a new foods or new type of clothing as well. 

Crayon Rocks - Help develop grasp that will generalize to self-feeding, handwriting, and skills like dressing.

Peg Palette - Cognition and attention are developed through challenging activites that require precision and patience. This peg activity also helps develop grasp that will generalize to self-feeding, handwriting, and skills like dressing.

Gifts for Ages 2 - 4 

My Very First Game -  At two, we are learning how to take all of our wonderful skills and use them in social situations, manage our emotions, and complete the task at hand. This board game is simple and allows for turn taking and building of patience.

 Layering Puzzle  - This is a puzzle that focuses on the higher level skill of sequencing rather than matching. Cognitively learning that things have an order and that doing them in a the proper sequence and help with success in a task. Not to mention great fine motor practice throughout!

Town Magnetic Maze - Play-based handwriting and grasp practice can me more fun and rewarding then sitting down at the table.

Fishing Game - Managing our graded force during tasks like this game can help with impulse control and patience. Children learn that if they can remain still, focused, precise, and patient they may just catch a fish!

Recyclyed Fishing Nets Jenga Game - A classic that supports the earth, what could be better. This game promotes patience, impulse control, social skills, and teaches disappointment when the tower falls!

HABA Dolls - Emotional Regulation/Mental Health, Social Skills 3+, Children process their world and learn through play, especially pretend play. Doll or figurine play can help children process what is currently happening in their world and create a sense of agency. 

Balance Boards - As we grow and learn to walk, we then learn to jump and run and skip too! Balance boards can help make the neural connections needed for higher level gross motor skills and movements. 

Older Kids

We couldn't help but plug these creative gifts for older kids too. Get creative by building an eco boat  or build your own wooden robot figure.

Gifts for Multi Age Households 

There's nothing better than finding gifts that can be used for families with kids of varying ages and developmental needs

Grab a gift set from Eco-Kids to facilitate play for the entire family, sets include eco-dough, crayons, paper for folding and cutting and DIY beeswax candle set or we highly recommend signing up for Green Kids Crafts Monthly Science and Arts Box.

Balance boards can be loved by all too and are a great way to meet developmental milestones, as well as, improve core strength.


Free Developmental Screenings

Nurtured Pediatrics offers Free Virtual Developmental Screenings. If you are wondering where your child is at developmentally and what you can do to support them as they grow, do not hesitate to reach out!

Happy Holidays,

                 Kara + Leah