Welcome to Our Home

Welcome home! That may sound funny saying, but we genuinely mean it. our consulting business, Consciously Cleaner, and storefront, The Conscious Merchant, have essentially been our home slowly being built and curated over the past few years and we are so excited to truly open up our home to you.

We use the word home, because that is truly how we want you to feel when you are with us.  We hope you feel like a friend, a long lost family member (three times removed) or simply an honored guest in our space. The home is such an integral piece to our society- whose homes we visit, who we open our homes to, and how we decide to live within our four walls greatly define us. We hope to add value to your lives through including you in our home.

We have created our home concept through our experiential retail space, The Conscious Merchant. It is in our curated home space that we hope to educate, engage and empower you as our friends and guests. Have you ever read a post about beeswax being “the bees knees” only to try it and be terribly disappointed? We get it. We want you to experience it!  

Getting something delivered to your door may feel convenient, but is it? What sometimes (or often) happens is you get  something you were really excited about only to find out it doesn’t work for you. Then you have to get online, create a return label, repackage it, and then figure out where to drop it off. (That’s not convenient y’all). Not to mention what returns do to our carbon footprint.

  • Vogue Business reported that returns in the US alone create 5 billion pounds of landfill waste and 15 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually, equivalent to the amount of trash produced by 5 million people in a year.

  • A recent study found people tend to over-order online and have a return rate of about 25 to 30 per cent, compared to six to 10 per cent when they deal with physical shops.

Now that we’ve gotten our return rant out of the way - here’s our main goal to welcoming you to our home. At The Conscious Merchant:  we want you to feel empowered on your clean-living journey!   We pride ourselves on creating a feeling of non-judgment and acceptance in wherever you are on this  journey. Our intention is to make sure the information you’ll find here is useful and makes you feel empowered to make a change (or confident that it’s okay that a change doesn’t make sense for you).    


We’re SO excited to host you in person at The Conscious Merchant.  However, we also have much information to share with you online as well, so if you’re willing - please subscribe to our newsletter and blog respectively.  Our newsletter is a bimonthly publication that comes right to your inbox.  Our blog is written in collaboration with Liz Lewis (who is a clean living convert for life, excited to join the CC and TCM team, and is thrilled about sharing clean living ideas to whomever will read the blog!).  Blog posts also come out a few times a month and alerts about new posts will come to your inbox if you subscribe.    

Again, welcome home, and we look forward to seeing you at The Conscious Merchant!

In great health,

Kara Armstrong, Owner