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Conscious Considerations

  • Fertility Friendly Swaps with Kate Potvin

    The fact is, many of the products we use in our daily lives are full of chemicals and toxins that have an impact on our fertility. Things like deodorant, shampoo, soap, and laundry detergent can all contain a whole cocktail of chemicals that aren’t doing your body any favors.

  • Celebrate A Safe and Sustainable Valentine's Day!

    Despite all these facts, Valentine’s Day is still one of my favorite holidays. Yes, consumerism is there, but so is showing affection and appreciation to those I love. We love giving experiences to our loved ones instead of physical gifts, but sometimes flowers and perfume are just the right way to say I love you. So, whether you're sending Valentines to your kids’ classmates or trying to find a gift for your eco-minded husband or girlfriend, we have tips and swaps to help make sure Mother Nature feels the love as well.
  • BPA Plastics and Our Health

    The Endocrine Society has made recent statements regarding concerns over human exposure to BPA and its "newer" replacement bisphenols like BPS and BPF. Bisphenols are found in plastics (recycling label "7"), epoxy resins that line canned foods and beverages, and on thermal receipts.

  • Welcome to Our Home

    "We have created our home concept through our experiential retail space, The Conscious Merchant. It is in our curated home space that we hope to educate, engage and empower you as our friends and guests. Have you ever read a post about beeswax being “the bees knees” only to try it and be terribly disappointed? We get it. We want you to experience it!"