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Beeswax Potluck Size Wrap
Beeswax Potluck Size Wrap

Beeswax Potluck Size Wrap

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For your next potluck, we've got the perfect beeswax wrap for you! Large enough to swaddle a beautifully baked loaf of artisanal bread or cover your favorite family recipe dish, our "sharing is caring" Beeswax Potluck Wrap not only keeps food fresh for transport, but also festive because of our hand-designed, custom-printed fabric. So much more creative and appealing than plastic wrap, no?

Crafted from a blend of natural waxes, coconut oil, and natural tree resin

Includes 1 XL "potluck"-style (14 x 19 inches) beeswax wrap- Design is Planetary Pollinators

How to Use: These wraps are self adhering. Warm up with your hands to make malleable.

Care: Wash with mild soap and cold water. Hot water will damage wraps.

How to Dispose: Please compost at end of life.