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Jacki's Favorites Set
Jacki's Favorites Set
Jacki's Favorites Set

Jacki's Favorites Set

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Sometimes it's hard to figure out the perfect gift, especially when you want to gift green. That's why we partnered with our fearless ambassador, Jacki Carr, to get her curated list of favorites anyone on an eco-journey might love.

These products were some of her first swaps with us and definitely stuck and became favorites. 

Grab a set (or two) to gift, each wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, and include a little note from Jacki. 

Sets include:

- dish block | replaces plastic packaging for dish liquid (3 or 9 bottles worth)

- dish brush | replaces plastic dish brush and can have the dish head replaced in future

- charcoal konjac sponge | a biodegradable option to replace plastic loofahs. the charcoal is an added bonus to help detoxify and cleanse your skin. 

- routine deodorant sample set | these safer deodorant paste actually work. in fact, Jacki has been using them for longer than she's even known us! our entire team uses too. pick between baking soda free or our vegan set.