Our Philosophy

Every day we are met with hundreds, if not thousands, of choices that have a long-lasting impact on our mind, our body and our environment. From what you put in or on your body to everyday household products and appliances to how you travel can have an effect on your health and well-being.

The Conscious Merchant's philosophy is that making cleaner and more sustainable choices for your home should be easy, attainable and fun -- we're here to help you achieve that! Our team of experts does the research to make purchasing cleaner products easier. We verify our vendors and vet the materials, quality and standards of all products so that you don't have to. We designed an in-store experience so that you can come learn, see and feel how products can be integrated into your daily life.


We realize everyone’s path to clean living is different. That’s why we focus on progress, not perfection,and we are here to meet you where ever you are in your journey and guide you through the experience. 

Our vision at The Conscious Merchant is to:

  • Educate – We believe you deserve information and facts to help you make educated decisions on your home, health and lifestyle. Our mission is to share and not scare.
  • Engage – We’re here to create a community connecting our customers, vendors and team together for greater good and health.
  • Empower – We make it simple for you to make clean-living changes to your life by vetting products, giving you the resources to make informed decisions, and providing an experience to see how sustainable and clean products can be a part of your life.