Now Offering Virtual Shopping Visits


Rise & Thrive- Starting a Safer + More Sustainable Journey

Wednesday January 27th, 6pm MST
Join Kara Armstrong MPH, owner of The Conscious Merchant, as she meets you where you’re at and starts the conversation around taking a ‘Progress not Perfection’ approach to switching to safer products and incorporating sustainability practices in your life. The price of this event includes a $10 gift card to The Conscious Merchant!

First Friday in Breckenridge

We're officially in Breckenridge! Our home away from home is now our latest place to share safer + more sustainable in collaboration with Pier Collective, DonLo and Beloved!
The first Friday of each month we will be Popping Up from 1 -4 PM. 
Stay tuned on location, as it will vary based on weather between DonLo and Beloved.