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How To Refill

The concept of refilling has only become popular in the last few years, so it is totally normal to have questions! Here are a few we get most often. Something we didn't cover here? Give us a call

How Does It Work? 

Step 1: Bring in Clean Containers
Step 2: Tare Weigh Your Containers
Step 3: Refill Your Containers
Step 4: Reweigh Your Containers
Step 5: Pay for What You Refilled

Can I Bring My Own Containers? 

Yes! Please! Just make sure they are cleaned out first and don't forget the lids. We are not responsible for any contamination that may occur. 

What Kind of Products Do You Have? 

We carry an array of products that we have vetted for safer chemical use. Below is a "snap shot" of our offerings. You can find full details on products here and general pricing here

Personal Care

- Hand Soap (liquid)  

- Bar Soap

- Shampoo  (liquid + bar)

- Conditioner (liquid + bar)

- Body Wash

- Lotion

- Dry Shampoo (dark + light) 

- Powder Facial Masks

- Tooth Paste Powder

- Bath Salts

- CBD Salve  - Deodorant 
- Facial Moisturizer - Facial Toner
- Body Oil - Sunscreen


Kitchen and Cleaning

- Dishwasher Soap (liquidpowder + pods)

- Dish Soap (liquid and bars) 

- Laundry Detergent (powder + liquid)

- Castile Soap

- Oxygen Boost (bleach free-powder)

- Disinfectant (when available)

- All Purpose Cleaner (liquid non-concentrate)

- Hand Soap (liquid)

- Glass Cleaner - Floor Cleaner (limited locations)

Do You Offer Discounts? 

Yep! The more you fill, the more you save. We offer discounts based off of the volume of your refill, we are a bulk store after all!