Recycling Initiatives

At TCM we're all about reducing and reusing, but we know life happens and that's why we recycle! 

We are continually assessing recycling practices and who we partner with for this mission. We have recently decided to no longer work with TerraCycle and will be phasing out our boxes as they become full. 

We continue to work with Eco-Cycle of Boulder for education and recycling initiatives and have partnered with Happy Beetle a locally owned hard to recycle company. 

We are always striving to provide more recycling options. Our current offering at our locations include:

  •  Razors and Razor Blades- thanks to TerraCycle and Gillette
  •  Batteries- thanks to Happy Beetle
  • Large plastic containers (think Dr. Bronner's gallons, Laundry Detergent container etc.) - Eco-Cycle