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Frequently Asked Questions for Travel Refills

What Do I Need To Do? 

The beauty of our service is that you are still able to reuse the containers you currently have in your home. 

- Leave your containers outside by 7:30 AM on the day of your scheduled delivery. 

- We will take your containers, weigh, fill, weigh them again and then return your filled containers to your door step.

No containers? No problem! Please visit our online store and select the items and amounts you desire. We will drop them off at your door next day. You DO NOT need to schedule on Calendly. 

What Products Can We Refill? 

We carry an array of products that we have vetted for safer chemical use and we strive to provide you with more sustainable options in all of our products  Below is the general list. You can find full details of each product in our shop

Personal Care

- Hand Soap (liquid)  

- Bar Soap

- Shampoo  (liquid & bar)

- Conditioner (container & bar)

- Body Wash

- Lotion

- Dry Shampoo (dark & light) 

- Powder Facial Masks

- Tooth Paste Powder

- Bath Salts


Kitchen and Cleaning

- Dishwasher Soap (powder & pods)

- Dish Soap (liquid and bars) 

- Laundry Detergent (powder & liquid)

- Castile Soap

- Oxygen Boost (bleach free-powder)

- Disinfectant (when available)

- All Purpose Cleaner (liquid non-concentrate)

- Hand Soap (liquid)

 How Do I Pay?

If we are refilling your existing containers, we will create an invoice with the appropriate value of your refills during the visit. This invoice will be emailed to you based on your preferences and will include payment instructions. 

Can I Get Other Items Delivered With My Order 

Yes! Feel free to shop around on our site for other items as well. While scheduling select "other" and enter the products you wish to be delivered with your refill visit! 

At TCM we value your health and your desire to staying safe. That is why we are committed to serving you directly at your doorstep. We pride ourselves in our to your door refill service and love traveling for you! Please do not hesitate to reach out to use via text at 720-696-4840 or e-mail hello@theconsciousmerchant with any questions.