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What We Stand For

TCM was founded on and operates by a guiding set of values and beliefs.
We use them in our decisions and actions daily and are proud to share them with you!

 Human Connection


Whole Body Wellness 




  • Human connection is essential for a thriving person and community. We are committed to creating a space where you feel at home, seen, heard and cared for every single time.
  • Honesty from start to finish is a right to our consumer and a practice we are confident to offer. We commit to the truth in our supply chain, our products and our brand practices. 
  • Wellness is essential for all. We are speaking to physical wellness AND our mental, spiritual and community wellness as parts to honor that matter to the whole.
  • Providing ongoing research, experts and non-judgmental dialogue is important to ensure each person in our community can feel empowered in their lifestyle choices and purchasing decisions.
  • Everyone's decisions should be honored. The Conscious Merchant guides the individual and community members in evaluating how they can make a difference to improve the health of themselves, their community and our planet.
  • You are our community. Earth is our community. We are a hub for the local makers, community members to be in connection with our clients and brands so together we maintain and co-create a strong society.