Our Ethos

Curated With Care 

These principles guide us in every decision we make, every product we select and partners we work with. We promise to strive to curate safer and more sustainable products for your family and home. We verify our vendors and vet the materials, quality, and standards of all products so that you don't have to.

Sustainability and safer don't always "jive". We're on the mission for all products to get there, but if something doesn't check all our boxes, we're transparent in telling you why it's here. 

Human connection is essential for a thriving person and community. We are committed to creating a space where you feel at home, seen, heard and cared for every single time.

Whether you are shopping in our store, and experiencing our products yourself, or shopping online, we promise honesty from start to finish. We are committed to the truth in our supply chain, our products and our brand practice. 

Wellness is essential for all. Everyone's decisions should be honored. We believe in progress not perfection. The Conscious Merchant guides the individual and community members in evaluating how they can make a difference to improve the health of themselves, their community and our planet.

You are our community. Earth is our community. We are a hub for the local makers, community members to be in connection with our clients and brands so together we maintain and co-create a strong society. 

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