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“Just keep going,” is the mantra I muttered to myself for as long as I can remember. I chalked up my exhaustion to working 60 hours a week, I blamed my digestive issues on poor diet, and I wrote off my fertility struggles because many other couples were having the same problems. Shortly after my second child arrived, I realized I couldn’t make excuses anymore. I was walking around in a haze, and not just the new-tired-mom haze. I was so lethargic that I was falling asleep in my car at stop lights. My GI issues became unbearable to the point my general practitioner recommend invasive screenings. After seeing many different doctors and specialists, undergoing a battery of tests, and even trying elimination diets, I was not getting better. In fact, I was getting worse. In desperation, I turned to a DO practicing functional medicine. I was diagnosed with chronic Epstein-Barr. I did an extreme elimination diet to resolve my food sensitivities and researched and educated myself on every product I was putting on or in my body and using in my home. Some of my symptoms improved, but I STILL was feeling like I was walking around in a cloud, having panic attacks, and spiraling into depression.

After a shocking Toxin Panel I realized this is where my problems were coming from. I went back again through my environment; my home, work place, and any areas of my life where I thought I could be exposed to gasoline or these chemicals, trying to figure out where these toxins were coming from. Then I realized, “My pillow!” I had bought a cheap latex memory foam pillow on Amazon a year ago and had been laying on it, breathing in toxins for six to eight hours EVERY night. I immediately threw it away and over the next week, the fog began to lift. My mental health continued to improve, my functioning increased, and I started to get more of my life back.

In that week, I realized that our awareness for what we put in and on our bodies and surround ourselves with needs to change. That silly, cheap pillow turned my world upside down, and I needed to help others suffering from the fog, illnesses, rashes, food sensitivities, fertility challenges and more that are caused by increased toxins in the body.