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AWAY Crystal Glass Foot File

AWAY Crystal Glass Foot File

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Our crystal glass foot file will gently and effectively remove any type of callused, dry, or dead skin.

Guaranteed to last forever and never wear down. The superior material is non-porous so it doesn’t absorb water and is easy to sanitize, just throw it into your dishwasher!

The gentle filing motion also reduces peeling and splitting of toenails, and is so delicate it won’t disturb nail polishes during touch ups. 

Double-sided surface is permanently etched. Two abrasive surfaces, one rough and one fine, to remove dead skin from heels without damaging healthy tissue. The etched textures reduce the risk of cracking and peeling.

How to Use: Rub against calloused, dry, or dead skin while wet or dry. Add to dishwasher to clean!

Ingredients: Glass-no abrasives glued to surface.

How to Dispose: Please recycle at end of life.