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Bathroom Starter Sets

Bathroom Starter Sets

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The average person applies 9 personal care products a day. NINE- that's why we believe it's important that our products container safer ingredients.

Start your bathroom swaps with this curated collection of more sustainable bathroom products! 

Simple Set: 

- plant pouf | Replaces plastic loofas with a biodegradable alternative  

- bamboo toothbrush | Compostable! 

last swab (basic) | Replaces single use Q-tips, reducing trash by over 1000 swabs!

The Everything Set:

- cotton rounds | Replaces cotton balls/cotton rounds in your beauty routine, perfect for daily toners and more 

- r1 safety razor | Not your grandpa's shave! These razors replace single-use packs and can save you up to $1500 in the long run!  

- shampoo bar | No more plastic shampoo bottles! Smells great and works with all hair types. 

- plant pouf | Replaces plastic loofas with a biodegradable alternative  

- bamboo toothbrush | Compostable! 

- dental floss | 100% natural silk biodegradable floss in refillable glass containers