Plant Based Eco Friendly Loofah
Plant Based Eco Friendly Loofah

Plant Based Eco Friendly Loofah

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Our plant-based eco friendly loofah is designed to replace the plastic-based loofahs that degrade into microplastics. It's an easy way to reduce the microplastics in your bathroom.

The collection included microplastic free and zero-waste staples for your daily bathing routine. Try the rougher biodegradable Ramie or super soft Bamboo, either way it's a win for less plastics!

Or try both and see which one you like best!


How to Use: Lather up our natural bath pouf with your favorite soap or body wash, cleanse, rinse, and hang dry. Machine wash and hang dry as needed.


Ramie: Made from Ramie plant, also called Boehmeria nivea plant

Bamboo Rayon: Made in Vancouver from OCIA & USDA-certified organically grown bamboo, Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

How to Dispose: 

Ramie: Compost at end of life.

Bamboo Rayon: Donate to local fabric recycling programs that accept rayon products. 

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