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Reusable Cloth Coffee Filters
Reusable Cloth Coffee Filters

Reusable Cloth Coffee Filters

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Organic Cotton Reusable Coffee Filters are an easy replacement for single use alternatives. Available in two styles, we have your coffee needs covered. Handcrafted in Colorado. 


Pour Over coffee filters are perfect for 6-10 cup Chemex style or pour over coffee makers.

Two filters per pack. Each filter lasts about one year.

On average 2.25 million cups of coffee are enjoyed everyday that equals around 140 million coffee filters and approximately 1.5 million trees.... Ouch! That's a lot of waste.

Care: To clean, rinse and hang dry. If using daily, we recommend a deep clean every two months by boiling the filters for about 10 minutes. If extra care is needed, add a scoop of baking soda. 

How to Dispose: Repurpose, recycle like clothing or trash.